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Bachelor of Arts in religion sciences

The Bachelor's Degree in Religious Sciences is a career designed for people who want to know everything related to the religious phenomenon and its function in society and in human beings. This degree will allow you to function successfully as a Christian education teacher, having a solid platform to carry out a ministry of preaching and conferences both as main figures and as supporters of the Church.
This program is based on a series of advanced studies on science, humanities, religion and general culture courses that allow the student to have a complete training

General Competences

  • Ability to adapt to change by accepting and integrating new ideas and information, as well as supporting change initiatives.

  • Ability to achieve proposed goals at a personal or ministerial level, as well as evaluate what has been achieved to ensure quality standards.

  • Identify areas of need for personal development to undergo learning processes in order to expand your knowledge and skills.

  • Systematic understanding of the sciences of religion that creates mastery of the skills and methods for the exercise of Christian ministry.

  • Ability to communicate with the ecclesiastical community and with society in general about topics within the scope of their knowledge.

  • Develop a Christian ministry in the area of teaching through educational programs or conferences.

  • Ability to advise ecclesiastical and para-ecclesiastical organizations on everything related to biblical sciences


This program is designed to last four years.

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