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Although our prices are extremely low in relation to other institutions, we have created a scholarship program to help our students achieve their goals. There are special cases where the candidate requires specialized attention and that is where our team  is ready to help you. Your dream of having an academic degree can be achieved through Alef University, let us help you with your project.

Approved Scholarship Programs

  1. If the person makes a single payment in a Bachelor's or Master's program, they receive an automatic 50% scholarship. Excludes thesis and graduation fees.

  2. If the person lives in Latin America, they will receive preferential treatment, the tuition costs will be lower and the scholarship will be higher than people who live in more privileged geographical areas.

  3. In certain countries of Africa or Asia, the University gives a full scholarship to its students.

  4. If none of these cases apply to the student and they have the qualifications to study with us, other possibilities are analysed and we do everything in our power so that no one is left behind.

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