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Master in biblical exegesis

The master's degree is designed for people with a bachelor's degree, regardless of their academic background, or a seminary degree. This program consists of 12 courses plus a portfolio or degree thesis, depending on the modality that the student chooses.  The student will take 6 courses per year. Each subject will consist of three credits in which the  student will carry out research work, readings and other special assignments.


General skills

  • Ability to adapt to change in thinking by accepting and integrating new ideas and information as well as supporting ministry change initiatives. 

  • Ability to work in a team, interacting effectively with people from different denominational backgrounds, listening and incorporating other points of view.  

  • Understanding of the different methods of Bible study that creates mastery of critical skills to investigate the meaning of a text and be able to do exegesis and interpretation of it. 

  • Ability to communicate with the academic and ecclesial community as well as with society in general about their fields of knowledge  

  • Develop a teaching and research career in the field of biblical exegesis and in any other ministerial activity that requires professional training.

  • Ability to advise the different institutions of the Church in the corresponding competences, such as the preparation of study programs, biblical research projects or participation in social or political issues of society, among others.


Admission requirement

  • Possess a university degree or a bachelor's degree in theology.


The duration of this program is two years plus the time it takes to prepare a portfolio or  thesis.

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