Master of Science and Christian Thougth

Master of Science in Christian thought


This master’s program was designed for university professionals, no matter their academic background, who need training according to their academic level and also it is a specialty for those people that have a degree in theology and want to reach a higher level of knowledge in order to practice their theological education.  


UFL’s mission is to equip men and women for lives of service to God and humanity. The Master in  Christian Thought program serves that mission by preparing men and women at a graduate level in theology, biblical studies and christian ministry. Graduates of this program are prepared for service in ministry or the pursuit of further graduate studies. 


General Objectives of the program 


  • To educate biblically and theologically that sector of society which interacts in business, government and for those who practice a profession.  

  • To know a method in order to interpret the Sacred Text in a scientific way.  

  • To know the great themes from the Bible 

  • To know the principle theological movements throughout history.  

  • To know the origin and development of contemporary theological trends. 

  • Train students to exercise theological education