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Old but not outdated

On February 8, Pastor Alfonso Guevara participated in Alef's first gathering of the year. He talked about one of his books: Ancient but not outdated. Here it deals with everything related to the ten commandments from the perspective of post-modern society. The members of the Executive Committee participated in the gathering


World presentation in Chicago


On March 16, there will be the global launch of The Greek Sources that gave rise to the Bible and Christian theology. Raúl Zaldivar will give a conference and then visit various churches in the area.  Greek Sources is a monumental work written in Alexandria, among other places, with a teaching on the origin of the Bible and theology.


Leadership 3.0 in Mexico

Leadership 3.0 is a concept from Alef University aboutthe leadership, The complete trilogy will be presented in a series of cities in the Mexican Republic, starting in Mexico City. Papyrus 52 Ministry is the organizer of this lecture series. The conferences will be held from May 12 to 18. 


The diplomas  in
Alef University

Enhance your service to the Church by studying a diploma that allows you to develop you potencial

 as a person.

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Pieza_Licenciatura_storie 2.png
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New degree in

Biblical Sciences

Alef University  has created the first bachelor's degree specialized in biblical sciences. This program will give  the tools to the student to do biblical exegesis that will allow him to make interpretations to be applied in his sociopolitical and spiritual context in which he lives.  In this way the Bible will have meaning and relevance for the student.

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