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The sixth issue is out


Robert Maynard Hutchins, fifth president of the University of Chicago said: The goal of education is not to reform the student or entertain him, or make him a technical expert. The goal of education is to unleash their minds, broaden their horizons, inflame their intellects, it is to teach them to think straight. This is exactly what is achieved by reading the interesting articles in Bible and Theology Today.


Official presentation of  CLIE


CLIE publishing house will be making the official presentation of the book Greek Sources that gave rise to the Bible... on this occasion Mr. Richard Silver will be interviewing Raul Zaldívar who, in addition to answering the questions asked, will be making specific explanations about his research. The date set for such an event is June 20th  at 4 pm Eastern Time in the United States.


Greek sources... in Miami

Miami will be the fifth city where Greek Sources that gave rise to the Bible and Christian theology will be presented in the United States. Rev. David Pérez, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, is organizing the presentation in that city. Pastors and leaders from South Florida are expected to attend the book presentation this coming July 13.


"Fuentes griegas que dieron origen a la Biblia y a la teología cristiana" 

is being presented in 15 cities across the United States and Puerto Rico as part of an academic outreach program by Alef University.

The diplomas  in
Alef University

Enhance your service to the Church by studying a diploma that allows you to develop you potencial

 as a person.

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Two master's degrees

at your disposal

A master's degree is a specialization in an area of human knowledge or the springboard to begin an academic career in higher education. You decide whether you become a Church teacher or a university academic.

At the first online Christian

University on the continent.

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