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Current campus

Nairobi, Kenya

This campus works in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. One of the largest metropolises on the African continent. Three academic programs are developed here: the diploma in pastoral ministry, the bachelor's degree in theology and the master's degree in Christian theology.


Paraopeba, Belo Horizonte

The advanced leadership diploma in Portuguese is developed on this campus. CCI church leaders are educated for the exercise of their ministerial functions.


Osorno, Chile

Alef has been for many years in the south of Chile where it has developed educational programs in many areas including bachelor's and master's degrees. Currently there is a directory of pastors who develop various diplomas from the city of Osorno and with projection to the rest of Chile.


Puerto Rico

In recent years, a series of educational programs have been developed on the island of Puerto Rico in which different diplomas such as leadership, family orientation, among others, have been developed.



The United States is the most important stronghold of Alef University. There are a series of campuses scattered in different geographical areas such as Tucson, Arizona, Fresno, California, North Carolina among others.


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun has been another place where Alef  has worked for years. It has had a number of campuses developing a number of programs in both the diploma and degree programs. 


Historic campus

Sydney, Australia. Barcelona, Spain. Mexico City. Tegucigalpa. City of Panama. Bariloche Argentina. Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. Monterrey Mexico. Medellin, Colombia. Los Angeles, California, Union City, New Jersey. Chicago, Ill. Springfield, Mass. Louisville,  Kentucky.

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