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A little bit of history...

The remote origin of Alef University is linked to the Honduran Theological Seminary (SETEHO). In 1984, Raúl Zaldívar, together with Juan Carlos Valladares and Aurora Recinos, founded a school of biblical studies that, over the years, evolved and matured until it became SETEHO. This institution specialized in the training of pastors, educators and theologians with great success. 

Rev. Juan Carlos Valladares was invited in 2007 to collaborate with the Raúl Zaldívar Evangelistic Ministry (MERZ). He brought with him  the idea of creating an institution focused on training leaders using technology and television based on some ideas developed at SETEHO. Dr. Zaldívar, who had founded the Online Bible Seminary in 2004, embraced that vision and founded the University for Leaders in the city of Chicago.

University for Leaders was originally a school focused on leadership diplomas and Church-related ministries. By the year 2011, the first degree program was created, that over the years have been growing and gaining strength in different countries of the world, both in Spanish and English as well.

With a new leadership, made up of valuable people such as César Gómez, Vice President of the University, Dulce Gutiérrez, Vice President of academic affaires, and Edwin Rivera Manso,  decided to change the name from University for Leaders to Alef University in January 2022, beginning a new stage. With an ambitious project called Plan Aleph 20/30; the vision of the University for the next 10 years and thus consolidate a global institution that serves the Church.

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