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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The Bachelor of Theology  is a career designed for people who want to obtain a solid knowledge that allows them to function with solvency as religious ministers, counselors, educators or in any role supporting the Church as well as specializing in an area of leadership that ensures the success of the practical development of the function being performed. This program is based on a series of advanced studies in science, humanities, Bible and theology as well as specialized studies in leadership.


General skills

  • Ability to adapt to change by accepting and integrating new ideas and information as well as supporting change initiatives. 

  • Ability to achieve proposed goals at a personal or ministerial level as well as evaluate what has been achieved to ensure quality standards. 

  • Identify areas of need for personal development to undergo learning processes in order to expand their knowledge and skills. 

  • Systematic understanding of the biblical and theological sciences that creates mastery of the skills and methods for the exercise of the Christian ministry. 

  • Ability to communicate with the ecclesial community and with society in general about their fields of knowledge.  

  • Develop a Christian ministry in the field of preaching, teaching and caring for parishioners.  

  • Ability to advise ecclesiastical and para-ecclesiastical organizations in the corresponding competencies, such as leadership, preparation of work plans, establishment of ministries, etc. 



The duration of this program is four years.


Diplomado en
Teología Sistemática

Systematic Theology Dip Table.png

En este diplomado se efectúa un estudio sucinto de las doctrinas más importantes que conforman la fe cristiana. El mismo se ha dividido en las 10 ramas que comprende la teología sistemática incluyendo un curso introductorio al mundo de la teología cristiana.


  • Acredita conocimiento de las doctrinas principales de la fe cristiana.

  • Desarrolla un ministerio de enseñanza cristiana sólido dentro y fuera de la iglesia.

  • Discípula a nuevos miembros de la iglesia hasta alcanzar la madurez espiritual.


La duración de este diplomado es de 11 meses.

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