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Research Analysis Techniques

A first edition of this work published by CLIE came to light 25 years ago. In it, the author defended the traditional positions of the evangelical world regarding the interpretation of the Bible. In this second edition, his approaches are different and much more open.

As the author himself anticipates, there will be someone who, tearing his clothes, accuses him of questioning the divine inspiration of the Word and thereby blowing up the central column that supports the entire framework of evangelical theology: the Bible as the only rule of faith.

As Dr. Samuel Pagán rightly points out in his prologue, in the Spanish-speaking evangelical world there are not many works on this subject written from a Latin American perspective, the few that exist are translations from other languages. The present work of Dr. Raúl Zaldívar is a palpable demonstration that the Latin American evangelical leadership of the 21st century is not only aware of the urgent need to change many archaic paradigms in the face of the challenges of the new generations, but also has sufficient capacity to do it and is willing to do it with courage.

Research Analysis Techniques

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  • It studies the sacred text from six different perspectives, namely textual, linguistic, literary, form, editorial and historical criticism. Each of the angles reveals part of the truth, reaching a final synthesis that allows the Bible scholar to have a fairly accurate overview of the text.

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