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Systematic Theology from a Latin American Perspective

The Spanish-speaking Evangelical Christian world, although without enjoying the wide offer of the Anglo-Saxon market, has been fortunate to have, in recent years, excellent translations of some of the best works of_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_systematic theology published in English: la de Charles Hodge (CLIE), the de Louis Berkhoff (Challenge Books); the de Stanley M Horton  y Wayne A  Grudem (LIFE); and more recently de Millard Erickson (CLIE), more current and complete. However, all of them come from an alien cultural context, written in English, which has led some to affirm that Latin American evangelical Christians depended, also theologically, from the United States, as mere distribution centers for a theology translated from English and packaged in a culture that was not their own.

Raúl Zaldívar undoes this stigma with the contribution of the first Systematic Theology written by a Latin American, from a Latin American perspective, and with a Latin American approach.

In it, he not only extensively analyzes the history of Latin American theological thought, but also proposes a Latin American orientation for each of the multiple sections of theology; Proper Theology, Anthropology, Hamarteology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology, Christology, or Pneumatology, addressing, inter alia, in an analysis in the context of divine revelation, hot topics in Latin America such as foreign debt, corruption, problems of violence, economic structural adjustment. Its purpose is to establish a bridge between the Latin American reality and the biblical text, to make the Word of God more alive and effective.

When it comes to doctrinal issues in particular, it does not take a denominational approach, but rather, echoing the distinctively evangelical theological and liturgical pluralism, presents the point of view of the different Churches.

A totally new work, as important in its theme as it is elaborate in its content. Useful not only as a theology textbook but also as a basis for introductory courses in Christian thought.

Systematic Theology from a Latin American Perspective

  • It is the first systematic theology written by a Latin American and from a Latin American perspective. It's a job sui generis which introduces categories and reflections never before made in a theology. Written to be used in institutions of theological education.

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