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Dulce Gutiérrez

Associate professor
Latin American theology and humanities

Dulce Gutiérrez is the current Vice President of Academic Affairs at Alef University. She is a professor of Scientific Research Methods and Techniques, Latin American Theology, Contemporary Theology and Social Sciences, she is a lecturer and writer. She is currently a doctoral student in Theology at the Central American Pentecostal Biblical Seminary (SEBIPCA). He graduated with honors from the master's degree in Christian Theology from Alef University, and completed undergraduate studies at the Central American Technological University, where he obtained a double degree: Computer Engineering and a University Technician in Business Administration. He completed Modular Theological studies and a Master Training in Global Action: Training Leaders to change the World. He also has training in Social and Political Leadership at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation in Germany. She has stood out as a regional leader and was the representative of Honduras at the IV Ibero-American Summit of Young Leaders and Heads of State in Cancún, Mexico, as well as at the South American Business Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the Retomando Valores and Conference. Actions in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, as well as in other related events as a defender of children and women and as a researcher in social applications of contextual theology.


Degree theses

  • Gutiérrez, Dulce. The History of Honduras in the Light of the Social Thought of the Church. Master's Thesis. University for Leaders. 2021.

  • Gutiérrez, Dulce. Operational Risk for Banking entities. Computer engineering thesis. Central American Technological University. 2013

Investigation work

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