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Raul Zaldivar

Biblical and theological sciences

He was a professor of economic integration law at the National Autonomous University of Honduras in 1992. Rector of the Theological Seminary of Honduras (SETEHO) from 1993 – 1997, where he also served as professor of Bible and Systematic Theology. He was the executive secretary of the Latin American Association of Theological Education Institutions, ALIET from 1996 – 1998. From 1999 to 2006 he served as director of the Bible institute of the Church of the Nazarene in Chicago. In 2006 he became the president of Universidad para Líderes; today Alef University.


Published books

  1. Zaldivar, Raúl. Enrique Peñalva: his life and his faith. Edit Dimographic. Tegucigalpa, 1995.

  2. Zaldivar, Raúl. Honduras – El Salvador. The border controversy. Cedoh. Tegucigalpa, 1996.

  3. Zaldivar, Raúl. Biblical Criticism. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. nineteen ninety six.

  4. Zaldivar, Raúl. Doctrine of Holiness: A historical and theological study. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2002.

  5. Zaldivar, Raúl. Systematic Theology from a Latin American perspective. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2006

  6. Zaldivar, Raúl. Apocalypticism: Belief, fascination, fear and doubt. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2012.

  7. Zaldívar, Raúl, Álvarez, Miguel, Ramirez, David. The Hispanic Face of Jesus. A cultural, pastoral and social vision. Viladecavalls. Spain. Edit Clie. 2014.

  8. Zaldívar, Raúl, Alonzo, Ignacio, Barrientos, Iris. The History of Seteho. Edit University for Leaders. Tegucigalpa. 2014.

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  10. Zaldivar, Raúl. To the Romans: a letter from yesterday for today's world. Edit University for Leaders. Tegucigalpa. 2018

  11. Zaldívar, Raúl, Gómez, César, Aldana, Hugo Melvin. The Player: the leader who wants to transcend. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2019.

  12. Zaldivar, Raúl. Sources that gave rise to the New Testament. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2020.

  13. Zaldívar, Raúl, Gómez, César, Aldana, Hugo Melvin, Rivera Manso, Edwin. The Team Leader: the player who wants to transcend. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2021.

  14. Zaldivar, Raúl. Hondurans tried in United States courts. The extraterritoriality of Law. Edit Guaymuras. Tegucigalpa. 2021.

  15. Zaldivar, Raúl. The Coach-Mentor. The team leader who transfers his DNA. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2023.

  16. Zaldivar, Raúl. Greek sources that gave rise to the Bible and Christian theology. Edit Clie. Viladecavalls. Spain. 2024.

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